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LPX Factory Orchestra Template

What is the LPX Factory Orchestra Template?


This template combines the classic sound of Logic Pro’s Factory Sound Library with the playability of third-party sample developers. It is an always-ready tool at your disposal, which loads within seconds* so that YOU will never lose an idea again.


You will receive a symphonic orchestra at your fingertips, pre-mixed so that you can concentrate on composing instead of spending hours on sound engineering.


What’s in the box?


  • 40+ EXS24 instruments**
  • CC1 (mod wheel) controlled dynamics
  • CC21 for an extra layer of vibrato
  • CC11 for expression
  • Round-robin functionality on most instruments
  • 20+ articulation settings including cohesive key switches


  • 60 colour-coded tracks and regions
  • Level and panorama for instant results
  • EQ and compression for each instrument or group
  • Send FX for each channel to achieve increased realism


  • SMPTE / MTC ready
  • 48kHz Film Score ready
  • 2 templates versions to match the specs of your Mac
  • Constantly updated



* Depending on the specs of your Mac

** This template does not contain samples, it is using the Factory Sound Library of Logic Pro X